Graphite Drawing Objects


It’s rare that an object inspires creativity and is also an instrument of its execution. Such is the case with these lyrical forms by sculptor Angelio Batle. Carbonaceous graphite—the mineral remains of prehistoric plant life—is processed under intense pressure to create what is essentially smudge-resistant pencil lead. Admire its graceful lines until the muse appears, then use it to write or draw.

Choose from Antler (6”) or Horn (4.5”), each attractively gift-boxed. Made in San Francisco.  

These carefully chosen and crafted pieces represent a considered mix of the esoteric and the highly pragmatic. Many of these simple things reflect the hand of the artisan or the quiet genius of the inventor. They are useful in ways that are difficult to quantify but, if pressed, we would say they make life a little more efficient and a lot more beautiful.

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