Pencil Stamps

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These whimsical decorative stamps are perfect for the pencil devotee or used to adorn a notebook. They are hand-printed on the risograph onto gummed paper and pinhole-perforated in small batches by London-based Scout Editions. 

The Risograph originated from Japan and was manufactured by the Riso Kagaku Corporation in 1980. It was intended to be used as a copier for high-volume needs in establishments such as schools, clubs, churches, colleges, and political campaigns. Born out of the mimeograph, the Risograph brought together several printing processes previously done manually. The Risograph uses plant-based ink and the machines are incredibly energy efficient with a minimum amount of waste. Riso means ideal in Japanese.

Please note that these handmade prints will vary slightly, making each a charming limited edition of one. 

The set includes two sheets of stamps, one of ten mini pencils and one of five long pencils.  Each sheet measures 210x56mm.

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