What are the criteria for uploading my own artwork?

Artwork should be black & white line (vector) art. We accept files saved as a PDF, EPS, AI. If you are using InDesign or Illustrator, outline the fonts and save as a PDF. Learn how to outline fonts in these tutorials for Illustrator or InDesign. We prefer the 'Adobe PDF/X-1a' preset when making pdfs. 

If possible please provide art the size you would like it on your stamp - with a little bit of room all around for trimming the rubber. If you do not submit same size art we will size your uploaded art to maximize the space on the stamp size chosen. If you would like your art a certain size (for instance, 1" tall) please note that in the Customer Notes box in the billing section on your cart at checkout.  

Fonts must be at least 8pt in size for reproduction. Do not use bold type for text under 12 point type. The ink fills in on the letters too easily. Art that is white on black (reverse type) is difficult to stamp, especially in small sizes.

If you are unable to create vector art, you can use a third party resource like vectorizeimages.com (We are not affiliated in any way with this company, but people have asked for resources to convert their art to usable art and we have found them to be a good resource).


May I submit artwork that is very finely detailed, with extremely narrow lines?

Although artwork of this nature is not optimal for stamps, this kind of pattern works best with the Hand Stamp. The image most likely won’t be as crisp and clear with the Self-Inking Stamp.