How do I attach a new imprint rubber to my Stamper?


When you receive the new Imprint Rubber, remove the paper backing on the imprint rubber and simply place the imprint rubber onto the Stamper pad. DO NOT REMOVE the clear acetate on the Stamper. The imprint rubber 'clings' to the acetate on the Stamper; there is no glue or adhesive involved in the attachment. 

If you wish to remove an imprint that is already on a Self-Inking Stamper simply peel it off. Since there is no adhesive involved it can be put back onto the stamper at any time.


How do I change the ink color on my Stamper?


You can use a wide range of inks on in your Self Inking stamper, including archival ink, fabric ink (great for personalizing kids clothes or adding branding to muslin totes). Pigment ink pads and metallic ink can only be used with Hand Stamps.

You can purchase additional ink in a wide range of colors online at Amazon. For our self-inking Stamps you can purchase a replacement ink pad in the Rubber Stamps section of our site.


How do I clean my Stamp?  

Our Self-Inking and Hand Stamps should never be cleaned with rubber stamp ink solvents, as that may mar the finish of the metal and/or paint. If you have a Stamp with a removable imprint we suggest you remove the imprint and simply clean with soap and water and make sure no soap residue covers the back portion of the imprint. Let the imprint dry thoroughly before re-attaching. If your stamp does not have a removable imprint please make sure the solvent only touches the rubber imprint. 

Our Copper-plated stamps will patina over time. To refresh the finish use any standard Copper polish.


My stamp is coming out blurry and the lines are filling in. What can I do to stop this?

This happens when there is too much ink on the pad. Stamp onto a paper towel to remove any excess ink. 


When I make an imprint the edges of the rubber show up. How can I stop this?

The first step is to clean the excess ink off the edges of the rubber imprint, follow the instructions above. When using your rubber stamp make sure to keep the stamper perpendicular to the surface you are stamping on and to the ink pads for Hand Stamps. This should alleviate the excess. Another option is to trim your imprint rubber close the design to take any excess imprint rubber off. (We leave the extra rubber on to allow you to easily place the imprint squarely onto your stamper, but there is no need for the excess rubber).