Porcelain Scenting Branches: Ash


If you long for an aromatic environment but balk at the inconvenience and artificiality of so many candles and diffusers, we offer a new alternative. Cast porcelain branches, made in Limoges, France, by a centuries-old company, can be anointed with a few drops of essential oil that slowly diffuse into the air.

This set, complete with a solid wood base handcrafted by a Texan woodworker, comes with steam-distilled essential oil of palo santo, made from a wild wood widely used in ritual purifications, but you can substitute any essential oil of your choosing. The branches can also be used, sans oil or base, as a decorative accent.

Available in three colorways, each listed separately: Ebony, Honey Oak, and Pale Ash. The unvarnished Pale Ash will acquire a lovely patina or can be sealed with household oil or butcher’s wax to coax out its rich tones.

Designed by Wms&Co., this set contains three cast porcelain branches, solid wood base, and 5 ml palo santo essential oil and is beautifully packaged in our signature black box. 

Consider adding one of our essential oils  for an evolving fragrance landscape. 


  • Arrange the branches horizontally on the wooden base.
  • Place several drops of the oil on the branches; the amount depends on the strength of the oil and the desired intensity of fragrance.
  • Layer essential oils onto the branches for an evolving fragrance landscape.
  • The palo santo oil is colorless and will not discolor the branches, though some darker oils may leave a residue. To clean the branches, carefully wash by hand using dish soap.
  • Small marks and cracks in the base show the natural character and charm of wood; we do not consider them defects. 

Branches: approx. 8" - 9"L
Base: 6.5" x 2" x 2"
Palo Santo Oil: 5ml
Outer Carton: 11.25" x 5.25" x 2"

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