Essential Oil: Downer


Throughout history, essential oils have been used to heal the body and the mind. By stimulating the olfactory system, they reach the limbic system, which is linked to emotion. Smell can have a powerful effect on memory and mood, so don’t underestimate this natural way of enhancing your life. 

Downer is perfect right before bed time. It is a rich and calming arrangement of orange sweet, patchouli, cedar wood, atlas, juniper berry, lavender, bulgaria, and cinnamon bark.

These organic oils can be diffused into the air with our Oil Burners, Diffusers and Scenting Branches (note, this size does not fit inside our Hetkinen diffusers, but can be used with them by placing the oil on top).

Consider our other essential oils for an evolving fragrance landscape. 

Certified Organic
Made in Australia

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