Wms&Co Grey Brutalist Boxes


Nothing brings sweet relief quite like being organized. The sense that everything is where it should be goes a long way in this messy world. We love our signature boxes so much we bought the Swedish factory that makes them. Normalms Kartonfabrik creates these from grey European chipboard—a satisfyingly thick, uncoated cardboard—with die-cut edges and corner stapled sides. Use them to store everything from art supplies to toiletries. Foil stamped with our logo in matte white on one side only, so you can choose to display it or not.

Set of 3 nested boxes: 2 small, 1 large

Small: 8.5" x 5.75" x 3.875"
Large: 12.5" x 9" x 4"

These carefully chosen and crafted pieces represent a considered mix of the esoteric and the highly pragmatic. Many of these simple things reflect the hand of the artisan or the quiet genius of the inventor. They are useful in ways that are difficult to quantify but, if pressed, we would say they make life a little more efficient and a lot more beautiful.

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