Original BTC Hector Table Lamp


A British design classic, stripped of embellishments but rich in detail. The Hector has long been one of our favorite table lamps: on the desktop, beside the bed, and illuminating nooks throughout our home. With its movable translucent bone china shade and  beautifully detailed cotton braided flex cord, the Hector table light brings a high level of illumination precisely to the spaces that need it the most. The fine bone china is highly attractive unlit and gives a wonderful ambient light when illuminated.  

Manufactured in a factory in the UK dedicated to green manufacturing practices. Each piece is made by highly skilled craftsmen in Stoke-on-Trent, England, where few porcelain factories remain.

Available in two metal finishes: Satin Steel and Satin Brass. 

Shade material: Bone china
H:22.4" W:9.5"
Max Wattage: 40 Fixture: E26
Base Diameter: Ø:6"
Shade Diameter: Ø:4.7"
59" braided cotton cord with switch

These carefully chosen and crafted pieces represent a considered mix of the esoteric and the highly pragmatic. Many of these simple things reflect the hand of the artisan or the quiet genius of the inventor. They are useful in ways that are difficult to quantify but, if pressed, we would say they make life a little more efficient and a lot more beautiful.

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