Korean Brass Tape Dispenser: Multi


Few things are more annoying than unattractive tools that don’t get the job done. It’s why we specialize in that coveted convergence of design and utility that makes life worth living. Too lofty for a tape dispenser? We beg to differ. 

Precision crafted in burnished matte solid brass, this tape dispenser fits standard 1" core tapes. You can use one single roll of tape up to 2.75 inches wide, or multiple rolls of thinner tape. This includes scotch tapes, standard core washi tapes and our washi tapes

We import these small-batch made tape dispensers directly from the maker in South Korea and are delighted to be the only US stockist of this beautiful addition to your workspace. 

Also available in a single roll version. 

69*110*93mm, Brass, Stainless steel blade, 850g, (tape wheel ø25, 53mm)


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